At a gun show you may have seen someone who tries to undercut and sell stun guns similar to Damsel in Defense and others on the market. You may have even found similar stun guns on Amazon. Damsel in Defense is not your typical safety tool protection business or typical network marketing business.


Safety & Education
Our line of tools, which continues to grow, includes vehicle emergency  kits, pepper sprays, personal alarms, stun guns and more! Our products are durable and Damsel in Defense stands by them. They also come in cute and sassy colors that make us feel like warrior princesses.

When holding an Empower Hour workshop in your home or business, we make a tough topic approachable with a mix of fun to the seriousness. Not only will you learn how to properly use the tools, you’ll gain confidence in yourself and not be intimidated carrying around high voltage that could save your life.

Ultimately, you walk away with valuable information, even if you don’t buy anything! Your safety in our concern.



Build Relationships

Not only do we have amazing people we work for and with, we build amazing relationships with our clients. We want to build a bond where you have a safe environment and someone to talk to when needed. Money is a bonus. Our passion to equip you to be safe, empowers us.


I have never found such a passionate, sympathetic and understanding team and clients as this.



Not only do we have the privilege of listening to your stories of courage and survival, we also have our own stories to share.
Knowing I help others be safe and could potentially save their lives is why I do this.


We give back to charities that help survivalist survive and help victims become survivors.

  • Local: Women’s and Children’s Alliance (Idaho).
  • National: RAINN.
    International: Wipe Every Tear.
    The fourth is a “choice charity” (the public gets to choose¬† and it changes each month)
    Whether you want to get equipped, join my team or host a party, discover more at
Why Choose Damsel in Defense over Cheaper Items on the Market?

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