Have a question or comment about my safety tools and resources? Check below, I may have already answered it for you.

Q. What’s the difference between pepper spray vs mace? 

A. Glad you asked! I wrote all about that here.

Q. I already have a gun. Why do I need other personal safety tools?

A. That’s great! I plan on getting my concealed carry as well. Besides, Police Officers layer their safety. Not only carry a gun, but they also carry mace, a taser, and a billy baton, and have Partners to watch out for each other.

Shouldn’t you?

I believe in layering your safety tools because not every situation requires a gun. In most situations, attackers will most likely sneak up behind you so you wouldn’t have a chance to grab a gun anyway. That’s why having pepper spray or a stun gun in your hand at all time comes in handy.

Also, if a gun accidentally went off, that’s it. At least with a stun gun or pepper spray, they temporarily disabling.

I do have some beautiful concealed carry purses you may like to see too.

Q. My neighborhood (place I live) is safe.

A. This may be true for the most part, but violence can happen anywhere. Burglars like to break in to “safe” areas because residents tend to let their guard down and have goodies inside they are willing to steal. You can never be too careful. Unfortunately, this world isn’t as safe as it used to be. #beprepared