Are you still thinking about signing up for Digital Damsel? Here is a sneak peak of how easy setup is.

Did you already get Digital Damsel? Congratulations! Your online safety is very important too.

Set-up is easy. Let’s get started.

Choose Digital Damsel. This will redirect you to its own website so if you want to order other safety tools, they must be ordered separate.




On the next page, you’ll see the four main, amazing, services and what they each include. At the bottom of the page, click the “Enroll Now” button. digital enroll


Next, You’ll be given two options. A family plan or an individual plan. Choose the one best for you and fill out the Main address the service will be used for and your billing information.



digital plans


Now, check your email from “ddsupport” for your Welcome message and setup instructions. Don’t forget to read how this service will show up on your statement. Hang on to this email for it’s important phone numbers for references. This email also includes the link to login, your sign-up login and password.

Right-click the link to login on a separate tab screen. This makes it easier to see your login information from your email. After you click “Continue”, you’ll be able to change the password.


login digital damsel


Now, you’ll be asked three security questions to help make your account even more secure.

Login and you’ll come to the Main home screen.


digital home



There is a little more setting up to do.

**I chose the “Individual” Plan so I may have less information to set up. If you have the family Plan, it may be a little more in depth since you’ll be adding more electronics and people to your account.**

Now, click on the “ID Theft Protection” tab, then “Setup your Account”.


digital ID theft


After you fill out the primary account holders information, you’ll come to your ID Protection Dashboard.

Take your time to set up the rest of your information in each of the tabs on the left.


digital ID Dashboard



The “Computer Services” tab has the tech support information.

I highly recommend going ahead and doing the computer tune up. This may take awhile depending on how long you’ve had your computer.


digital computer services



The next tab over is for “Cyberhood Watch”. This page has so many resources. You even get a Bonus Cyberhood Watch software key!


digital cyberhood watch



Under your “My Account” tab, you can go back and update your information as needed.


digital my account


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or contact Digital Damsel and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sign up for Digital Damsel so your safe and secure online too! It’s very affordable and you can cancel at any time.

Setting up Digital Damsel

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