Whether you’re on the go, or in an area that is restricted from stun guns, I offer other options from Damsel in Defense® to help keep you safe.


Let’s be honest. Everyone has lost track of their little one at one time or another. They are curious and fast. Prevent your child from wandering off unnoticed with this adorable Panda tracker and alarm. Our Where’s Yo Baby child monitor features a Velcro wristband, keychain adaptable, adjustable from 3 feet to 21 feet. When they wonder outside of your custom range, your alarm will go off. Heaven forbid they fall into the pool, the alarm will go off continuously.


Our auto emergency tool, Roadtrip, belongs in the center console of every vehicle you and your loved ones use. This life-saving product is a no-brainer for safety-conscious drivers! Features: Light emitting diode (LED) emergency beacon, magnetic head that will stick to the roof of your vehicle, glass-breaker, seat-belt cutter, 3-bulb light emitting diode (LED) flashlight and alarm.


Make power a permanent fixture in your palm with our Sock It To Me on steroids, the Hard Lil Hand. This sleek striking tool comes with a one-size-fits-all grip glove and features a glass breaker tip because you never know when a situation may arise that requires you to protect your life or save someone else’s. Features: Kubaton striking tool with glass breaker tip, one-size-fits-all grip glove with non-slip grip pad (which doubles as a black glove for the Hot Lil Hand pepper spray)


What’s your skincare secret? Forget anti-aging; this one is anti-theft. Our disguised Sassy Skincare Keepsafe is great for traveling and can even be left in plain sight on your bathroom counter top. Skincare has never looked so safe. Features: Foam cushions to muffle interior sound, weighted bottom designed to make canister feel full when held, screw-on bottom provides camouflage to prevent would-be snoopers.


Not all of us can afford a pricey home security system. If someone tries to open your door, our Step Off Door Alarm will sound a 120-decibel alarm to wake you and scare the intruder off. Perfect for dorm rooms, apartments and hotels. Features: Motion sensor and adjustable sensitivity.


The Holla Hers and Holla His personal alarms feature: Keychain adaptable, light emitting diode (LED) flashlight, switch activates continuous alarm. Now they can carry an extra set of lungs with him/her at all times. Arm them with this personal alarm that can alert others to a need for assistance in a variety of emergencies.


This popular Kubaton striking tool increases the power of any defensive strike. It is legal in all 50 states, so it is an ideal self-defense tool for women of all ages! Features: Keychain adaptable and comes in six colors: Black, Ombre Black, Ombre Pink, Ombre Purple, Ombre Teal, Ombre Lime.

Security On The Go Options

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