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SAFE Hearts, is our new Family Educational product line of Children’s Storybooks, Parent Guide and Other Resources, to help Empower you to talk to your kids about a tough topic.

SAFE Hearts exists to not only prevent the sexual assault of children but to also aid parents and children as they navigate through the restoration of that heart. The real worry is when an assault is not exposed and that missing piece leads to a lifetime of shame.

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shield bullet pointSafe Hearts Parent GuideBody Boundaries Edition ( For Parents)

This helpful resource is packed full of tips and guidance for parents as they navigate through safety conversations with their children about body boundaries and other topics. I highly recommend this book, at the very least, for every home. It’s super cheap because we wanted to make it easily available to everyone.



There are two books, for now, for younger children and older children. They feature a tricky friends “kid-versation”, easy-to-read and kid-friendly story line will bridge the gap into a conversation that will help you provide an open forum for your child.


shield bullet pointSafe Hearts Book – My Friends New Toy (For younger children)

Follow Faith as she comes to the aide of Olivia who is in a tricky situation with a friend who wants to disrobe at a play date.



Safe Hearts Lunch Pail & Puzzle Pack

Send the fun and empowerment of the SAFE Hearts Heart Defenders with your kids wherever they go!

Includes: A tin lunch box with latch, 48-piece cardboard puzzle, resealable pouch for puzzle, great for lunch time, snack time or road trips.

This item has been tested and verified to exceed United States Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards for children’s products


shield bullet pointSafe Hearts Book – Madison’s Big Brother (for older children)

Follow Elizabeth as she helps Isabella navigate a tricky situation when a boy tries to kiss her while they are home alone.



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Resources: If you or your child is seeking assistance as a result of a sexual trauma, please read on.

SAFE Hearts is honored to partner with Speak Your Silence, a nonprofit on a mission to conquer the stigma of child sexual abuse. They offer healing to the hurt through their confidential counseling services accessible to anyone anywhere in the United States. Please consider this resource as an available option for healing in your family. You can apply confidentially through their website.

Safe Hearts: Family Safety Education Tools

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