Fall%2FWinter 2016Product Reveal


It’s that time of year! Conference is over and that means lots of goodies for the Fall/Winter season are now available to help keep you and your loved ones Empowered and safe. If you missed the product reveal yesterday, don’t worry, I can officially¬†announce everything!

updated step off alarm

The updated Step Off – portable entry alarm- comes in a new color, a night light, and ability to stick it to a window.

New Concealed Carry purses in our Daphne Concealed Collection. If you prefer a small purse than our original Concealed Kari purse, then the Hidden Jemma and Kari clutch are for you!

Hidden Jema_concealed carry purse

Kari's Clutch_purse

Our latest stun gun is the Light it Up stun gun disguised as a tactical flashlight. I’ll let you know more as I get more information about it.


Last but not least, is my absolute favorite. Our new product line!

SAFE Hearts is our new family education based product line. It exists to enable parents to have the shoulder-to-shoulder conversations with their children to empower them to take ownership over their own hearts and bodies, raise their awareness, and give them the ability to protect themselves against anyone who tries to harm them.

**5% of all SAFE Hearts proceeds will go towards funding counseling services for those children affected by childhood sexual assault.**

I truly feel these tools will be a game changer!


I’ll be going into more details on every item. Until then, Check out my site for more information.

What safety tool(s) are you most excited about? Please share in the comments below.

Fall/Winter 2016 Product Reveal

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