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Before I learned more about personal awareness and self-defense, I used to believe these myths. Now, after experience and learning how to better keep me and others safe, it’s time to debunk these myths.

Here are 8 Common Myths about personal safety, and what to do instead:

Myth: Don’t make eye contact with an attacker

Fact: Not so! Sure, you don’t want to antagonize an alpha male, but a predator is looking for a soft target, someone who is vulnerable. If you present yourself as a warrior, the predator sees you as a difficult mark, so you are less likely to be hunted.

Myth: Keys make a great weapon 

Fact: You may manage to get a few scrapes or cuts on the attacker, grab some DNA, but you also chance cutting yourself in the process. Keys may tend to escalate an attack and if you do cut your hand and the attacker, there is a possibility of blood contamination.

Myth: The first rule of self-defense is RUN!

Fact: Not always! Running is good because you can create distance. But are you are a runner? If they are a predator, the chase is on! If they want your purse, throw it and then run the other way. If you can’t outrun them, then you must fight and draw attention. The first rule of self-defense is don’t be vulnerable.

Myth: You will perform better under stress due to adrenaline 

Fact: Or panic? If you have no muscle memory, practiced plan for what to do if you are attacked, you will not perform better because you have nothing to draw from. You will lose fine motor skills, develop focus lock, panic and make mistakes. The adrenaline will exhaust you, try fighting after running up 10 flights of stairs.

Myth: Noisemakers are enough to keep me safe

Fact: Sometimes. Noisemakers are great but they can be taken from you, then what? Noisemakers don’t help if you are in a secluded area and often people run from violence. There are too many YouTube videos of people being attacked while spectators got out their cell phones, not to call 911, but to video the event.

Myth: I’m only at risk at night 

Fact: D.I.D. you know? A large percentage of crime happens during the day. Many people believe that if they don’t go out at night, they are not at risk. Those who do choose to only go out during the day lack situational awareness skills because they have a false sense of security. We are at risk during the day and at night. We must always be prepared to defend ourselves.

Myth: I’ve taken a self-defense class so I’m good 

Fact: How many? Self-defense is great. Unless you have a weapon to level the playing field, you better be an advanced student who has taken multiple years of intense training. Self-defense training is great, so you have a plan and confidence, but it is not enough.

Myth: I don’t want to live my life in fear 

Fact: Neither do I. That is why I choose to be equipped, empowered, and educated. I don’t have to live my life paranoid or in fear when I have taken control and responsibility for my personal safety and self-defense. Navigating through life unprepared and uneducated produces fear. Being responsible produces courage and confidence. 

Share in the comments if you had any of these misconceptions and how you’ll be more aware.

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Common Personal Safety Myths Debunked
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