October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month


October is Domestic Violence awareness month. Although, this is a year-round thing for me being a survivor of both emotional and physical violence.

Had I known the red flags and resources available to me when I needed them most, things could have been different and I would have left much sooner. This wasn’t the case so it is my Mission to be a voice to victims and a resource, so they don’t get caught up in a similar situation, or to prevent an emotional or physical abusive situation all-together.

Here are my tips, as a survivor, that I wish my friends and family had known and understood while I went through my situation. Continue reading “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

Safe Hearts: Family Safety Education Tools

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SAFE Hearts, is our new Family Educational product line of Children’s Storybooks, Parent Guide and Other Resources, to help Empower you to talk to your kids about a tough topic.

SAFE Hearts exists to not only prevent the sexual assault of children but to also aid parents and children as they navigate through the restoration of that heart. The real worry is when an assault is not exposed and that missing piece leads to a lifetime of shame.

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