Safe Hearts: Family Safety Education Tools

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SAFE Hearts, is our new Family Educational product line of Children’s Storybooks, Parent Guide and Other Resources, to help Empower you to talk to your kids about a tough topic.

SAFE Hearts exists to not only prevent the sexual assault of children but to also aid parents and children as they navigate through the restoration of that heart. The real worry is when an assault is not exposed and that missing piece leads to a lifetime of shame.

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Safety Tips for Professional Organizers

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As a Professional Organizer, you tend to go into strangers homes and office spaces so your safety and awareness of your surroundings is important. No matter how safe a neighborhood may seem, violence can happen anywhere. Don’t be a victim, it’s better to be prepared.

Here are safety tips for Professional Organizers to make sure you get through your job, and back home, safely. Continue reading “Safety Tips for Professional Organizers”

Mother’s Day Gift of Safety

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Mother. Mom. Madre’

She’ll always love and protect you, no matter how old you are.

This year, show the mother in your life that you care about her safety too. Because you won’t always be around to protect her either.

Mother’s Day is May 8th!

Be sure to get your order in soon, to guarantee Mom receives her bouquet of personal safety tools on time.

Need recommendations? Feel free to contact me for suggestions based on her needs.